Thursday, November 10, 2011

Situation & Saying

Situation & Saying

-starting to do something > Bismillahirahmanirrahim

-intending to do something > InsyaAllah

-when something is being praised > Subhanallah

-in pain or distress > Ya Allah

-When expressing appreciation > MasyaAllah

-thanking someone > Jazakallah

-when awakening from sleep > Lailahaillallah

-when sneezing > Alhamdulilah

-when someone else is sneezing > Yarhamukallah

-when repenting of a sin > Astagfirullah

-when taking oath > Wallahi-Wabillahi

-when giving to charity > Fisabilillah

-when having love for someone > Lihubbillah

-when parting from someone > Fi Amanillah

-when a problem appears > Tawakkaltualallah

-when pleasantness appears > Fatabaarokallah

-when unpleasantness occurs > Na Uzu Billah

-when participating in du'a or prayer > Ameen

-when getting married > Aman-Tu-Billah

-when death message is received > InnaLillahiWaInnaIlaihiRajiun...

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